Overview of Treasury Section

The Treasury offices are basic fiscal units and the focal point of primary record of the financial transactions of the Government. There are 85 Treasury offices in West Bengal. The entire gamut of activities in treasuries is covered in the software. A lot of upgradation has taken place both in the application software and in the technology platform used.

Main features include the followings :

Payment :Receiving of bills, Issue of tokens, Maintaining of fund availability for a DDO on a particular Head, Passing of bills, Printing of cheques, Delivery of cheques. Monthly Pension Bill for Pensioners are prepared by Treasury and sent to Bank for payment to the pensioners.

Receipt : Challan are submitted in the Bank by the tax payers and receipt data is taken into treasury account.

Preparation of Accounts : Preparation of Daily and Monthly report of payment and receipt, List of cheque delivered or undelivered, list of cheques printed. Scheduled reports are sent to AG every month. DDOs, Departments,Pensioners ,Banks, AG are the main stakeholders of treasury and integration is being done to strengthen e-Governance . Treasury computerization has significant impact both on the citizens and on government departments as follows.

  • Bills presented by DDO's take lesser time to process
  • Fund allotment checking and Budget monitoring at government level has become a smooth task
  • Receipts are quickly processed and accounted .
  • Efficient computerization of Treasuries has enabled better Fiscal Management and Control.

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