Overview of LR,Certificate,Copying & LH section

The origin of Land & Land Reforms Department is to be traced back to the setting of Board of Revenue by British Rulers for consolidating and stabilizing revenue collection establishment and machinery in accordance with ‘permanent settlement’ enacted under Regulation I of 1793 in order to maximize revenue collection from land for fulfilling British Colonial interest.

With the independence of India stress was quite logically shifted from the concept of revenue administration to welfare administration. Inconformity with the change of concept, the Department which was before independence named as Land & Land Revenue Department, after passing quite a long period as Department of Utilization & Reforms and Land & Land Revenue, ultimately became Land & Land Reforms Department reflecting the priorities of the State.

The functions of this section are:

  • Disposal of issues related to Land and Land Reforms.
  • Issues related to Patta  (Distribution of Govt. Land).

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